Tuesday, December 30, 2008

--I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I really hated to see it go this year, I guess I just really got into the Christmas spirit. One good thing I took from this year though is that I need to celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas year round. It seems that here lately I have been only turning toward Christ whenever times were rough and cmpletely forsaking him when all was well. This has always been my weakness since my salvation, so I'm lucky to be surrounded by people who will support me in my walk with God.
--I got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, man that thing is addicting. Especially the Wii Fit game.
--I have heard from several people that the new movie Marley and Me is really good. I guess I'll have to check that one out.
--The new iPod Nano's are freakin' awesome, I finally had to get a new, higher capacity one to accomidate all my music. Its hard to watch music videos on a inch and a half screen though...
--Had it not been specially requested(Thanks, Gerald), I probably would have went weeks without posting.
--My grandmother made gumbo for Christmas lunch this year, thats was a welcome change. Cajun food is probably my favorite next to mexican.
--Well thats all I can come up with for now, Happy New Year everyone if I don'tpost again before then!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve Thoughts

--I wen to IGA after to work to pick up some butter for my wife, that place is insane aroun 6 o'clock.
--We were surpisingly busy this morning at work, then it just kind of dropped off in the afternoon.
--I have been doing good on my mission of concentrating on the real meaning of Christmas this year. I like that the radio stations are playing just as many Baby Jesus songs as they are Santa Clause songs.
--I wonder how many news stations will be covering how the Obama's are celebrating Christmas. Oh yeah, every single one.
--I hate how commercialism has made such a great time of year so hectic for many people.
--The new movie Doubt looks dark. Dark, but good.
--Well I'm off to bed, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Ranting

I must have got it from my Mom, cause I know it didn't come from my Dad, but I love Christmas. I never really have been into it quite as much as this year though, maybe because it's mine and my wife's first Christmas since we were married, maybe not. She and I are polar opposites when it comes to Christmas, I have Christmas music playing all day and she hates it when Ive got it on in the truck. Oh well, I still wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

I can't wait to get out of this apratment just so I have my own hous that I can light up like Clark Griswold. While I love all the music and decoraitons of the season, I also hate it because I know its all just commercialization of the holiday, rather than the actual celebration of Christ's birth. It really bothers when you can tell someone is saying Happy Holidays to keep from avoiding a liberal, that to me is very offensive, but apparently there is a double standard to this rule. This was supposed to be a happy post about the joys of Chrstmastime, but in this day and age joy and sorrow seem to go hand in hand. The powers that be are attempting to take the joy away from Christmas by pulling the foundation right from under it. Credit card companies jump at the chance to take advantage of a struggling parent, and the sucking them deeper in the whole. It's a shame when a family is forced into debt just to be able to put a smile on their child's face, and don't get me wrong I am not blaming parents, I'm blaming the corrupt uppers of America. Why not give this season not take, take, take? To hang on to last cent of profit?

This may not make much sense caused I'm all riled up, and it may not do a damn bit of good, but it feels better to get just a little bit off my chest.

Wednesday Night Ventings

--My wife and I went to Grapevine this evening to try and wrap up some Christmas shopping. I tried to leave early where we would miss traffic, so naturally we Trophy Club/Southlale right at rush hour.
--I bought my Dad one of those electric ciggarettes I heard about on the news, man that thing is pretty cool. It will be well worth the money if it actually causes him to trash the real deal.
--I hadn't been to Grapevine Mills in years, it seemed a lot smaller, I guess I'm just bigger.
--I found a "nostalgia" store call Past and Present or some such bullcrap, that was a pretty neat store, I wouldn't mind going back and browsing longer in there. I did find some old Springsteen records to add to my collection though. (Feel free to come over and enjoy them anytime, Jar!)
--I had to force myself into Victoria's Secret to grab my wife, man II just always feel like every woman in there thinks I'm a pervert.
--I had my first Kincaid's hamburger tonight, albeit the one in Southlake not off Camp Bowie. Wow, that place is awesome!
--I saw a store in the mall displaying a cardboard cutout of Barack Obama. Theres really too many crude, smart ass things I can say about that one, so I'm just gonna walk away from it.
--One of those foreign ladies that work at the kiosks between stores try to interupt me during a phone call to give me sales pitch. She looked super pissed when I pointed at my phone and veered the other way. Serves her right, rude ass.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Thoughts

--Rahm Emanuel seems like real douchebag. Just the kinda guy you want to just punch right in the face cause it makes you feel better.
--Alan Colmes falls in that same category.
--I wonder how many people scoffed at Steve Jobs, or whoever at Mac, when they said, "OK, heres a new idea, were gonna call it the iPod."
--I like the Safari browser on my phone, but not on my computer. But then again I've never really like using a Mac when I have had the oppurtunity.
--A hot shower turning is one of the worst things ever.
--I watched the season finale of The Biggest Loser tonight, man that show and what it does for those people is amazing. Its one of the few reality shows that doesn't suck hard.
--I think I have seen pretty much every episode of Family Guy, and they're still funny.
--I bought some microwaveable cans of Hormel chili at IGA today for lunch. That, my friends, was a very bad idea. Very bad.

Monday, December 15, 2008

One Last Stones Thought


Jumpin' Jack Flash

I may have done a post about this already when I first watched it a few months ago but I don't really care, I am a HUGE Stones fan. I decided the take a break from The Dark Knight and pop this one in tonight. I had a chance to go to their concert in Dallas with my Dad a few years back but let my Mom go in my place, sometimes I wish I would have went though, but oh well. This movie is awesome though, the perfect mix of concert and history. I was afraid it would be all interviews and no full performances but Martin Scorcese slam dunks on this one. But like I said, I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan, so I may be a little biased. Anyway, if you like the Stones or classic rock in general I would definitely recommend this one to you.

Monday Night Thoughts

--Nope I'm not lying dead in a ditch somewhere, it's too damn cold for that.
--I can't believe how big of a deal the news stations are making over the "possibility" of freezing DRIZZLE, we won't get our real winter until about late January or early February and then they'll really be flipping out.
--We live on Halsell street in Bridgeport so when we heard the sirens for the parade the other noght we decided to go out and watch. The sirens were the end of the parade, maybe I'm wrong, but aren't the fire trucks and cop cars first? Ah well, I wasn't too excited about it anyway.
--I went to walmart about 8:30 Sunday morning, man that is the time to go, there was nobody there.
--I wonder if Channell 33 is the laughing stock of DFW local news, they seem the least funded. I like to think about what the back alley news anchor fight from Anchorman would be like with all our local anchors. I can pretty much laugh at anything Will Ferrell is in.
--We went to The ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine for the second time this year on Thursday, thats an amazing experience. Kinda pricey but well worth the money.
--Sometimes I just wish that I had absoluetly no outlet to the news, I'm tired of bad news in every headline.
--I wonder if December rivals the hot summer months in electric bills.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Abbreviated Thoughts

--Is it just me, or does it seem like most everyone has plagued by the anti-blog fever here lately?
--Did any one else not e AT&T being down in the Bridgeport area this afternoon?
--I know I'm fixing to be sick. I don't feel bad yet, I just have that pressure on my chest everytime I coughs that's just screaming Get ready!!
--O'Harlies in Bridgeport is always good ..and clean.
--For some strange reason, I've come to love the smell of Bondo. I used to hate that stinkin' stuff.
--I want to see them go all the way, but I've got a feeling the Bulls may get stomped this weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
--Holy crap it's almost midnight! I thought it was like 9:30.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Four Christmases

Took my wife out to the movies n Fossil Creek for her birthday to see this. It was pretty funny and lived up to all the reviews I had heard so far. I gotta admit that as much as I try i can't really like Vince Vaughn, but he was actually really funny in this one. So for a good Christmas flick I would definitely recommend this one.

This is going to replace my McCain/Palin Sticker...

Get your own here. The perfect Christmas gift for your liberal friends to knock 'em down a notch or two.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008