Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've got mixed feelings about this one...

I'm a huge Springsteen fan but his new stuff is just too politically charged, and on most views I am way off to the right compared to his. I am so tired of hearing everyone praise Obama and slam Bush I could puke. True, Bush made many mistakes that will undoubtedly marr his legacy, but I fear in the not too distant future we may regret the liberal storm we brought on this country. But anyway I'll give "Working on a Dream" a shot, but I don't predict anything better than an Obama commercial. Too bad we'll never get another "Born To Run" or "The River" again.

--I bet I can name at least one person that will comment on this one.
Giggity-giggity. Giggity-goo.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Night Updates

--Nope, I didn't pull a Jarhead, I'm still around. I've been insanely busy, but it seems like I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.
--My wife and I have finally bagan shopping for our first home of our own. Good Lord I wasn't ready for the flood of bullcrap you have to wade through in this process. Ah well, I guess its just one of those crazy deals that make life great. (But don't forget to say a little prayer for us if you can.)
--I hated to see Jarhead go, but I also understand where he is coming from. Even though I don't update this thing very regularly, sometimes it just feels like a burden, just knowing it's there.
--I think all Christmas lights should e taken down by Jan. 5th. I mean, I love Christmas, but c'mon man.
--I think anyone my age getting credit card is very irresponsible. But then again, maybe not if they can control themselves. I dont trust myself that much, so I just shy away from the Capital One envelopes.
--Pretty much any Subway commercial sucks. Hard.
--Well, thats all for now folks, I'm outta here.