Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back In Action

--I want to start off by thanking all of y'all out there for your prayers and uplifting comments, you don't realize how much just a nice word can change your outlook on a situation. Please just keep my family in your prayers,
--This is my first post on my new iMac desktop. My old Gateway laptop suffered a shattered LCD screen, and these thing were just too cool to pass up at Best Buy. But, man, talk about some getting used to.
--There's not much going on in Ryan's world here lately, or at least that makes a good excuse for not blogging. Just a lot of Bridgeport monotony.
--I used to check the news websites about a million times a day to make sure I was staying on track with things; now it rarely even happens once a day. What ever happened to good news? No wonder there are more mass murders going on, everyone is depressed from watching the news. Especially the Drudge Report, I think it was Barry Green who called them fear-mongers here a few months back. Amen, brother.
-But I guess Drudge does get a few points for being "conservative". If anyone even knows what that is anymore.
--I tried to figure it out, but I have no clue who the guest blogger is that Jarhead turned the keys over to for the weekend.
--Has anyone else tried the new Fried Pie Shop here in Bridgeport? They're not bad, just remember to ignore that tingling in your left arm after you eat one.
--You know, living in an apartment was great for the first few months, but now this just sucks.
--I happened to be driving through Balsora this afternoon just as the fire was getting cranked up. There were a few moments where I bet I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me.
--That's all I got for tonight, maybe now I will update this thing more often.
--Nah, probably not.
--Goodnight, folks.