Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey, remember me?

--Wow, I didn't realize how long it had been since I had been on here, sorry for the delayed comment approvals, guys.
--Those were some wicked looking clouds this evening, I was totally expecting a full fledged Steve McCaully F5 super tornado.
--We bought my wife a new car this last week, a Chevy Equinox. I really wanted a Tahoe but without kids, I just couldn't make myself drop that much money on something that big. But one day...
--We actually ended up getting a great deal, after some haggle coaching from my Dad and Sister. I would recommend Jerry's in Weatherford to anybody looking for a new vehicle, super nice people down there.
--Satelite radio is quite possible one of the best inventions ever.
--I've noticed that I go to Weatherford to do pretty much anything, is it really that much closer to Bridgeport?
--Even thought I have always hated Start Trek, that movie still looks cool to me.
--I hate working long days to do end of month paperwork, no matter what the conditions are, its stress to the max.
--The powers that be at my job recently put us on direct deposit payroll, I'm not very crazy about it so far.
--It was freakin' hot today. Remind me of that mid-August.
--I put in paperwork for vacation the week after July 4th to celebrate my birthday and anniversary. Well, just anniversary, since I got married on birthday, that doesn't exist anymore.
--But it's all worth, its been the best year of my life.
--Any suggestions of a good restaurant/hotel in the metroplex for a first anniversary?
--Me and Wendy(Mrs. Ryan) watched Here Come the Newlyweds last night on ABC. Now that's actually a pretty funny show.
--Well, I'm about to pass out on my keyboard, so I'm outta here.

Cool Pictures from Tonight's Storm east of Bridgeport