Tuesday, July 28, 2009


In the midst of packing, painting and turning off my Internet, this
blog has neglected, more so than usual. But I will be back on soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

And this thermometer is inside

Independence Day Work Woes

--I was sitting here about to fall asleep while watching viedos of people getting tazered on YouTube, and I thought I should do something productive at work. So I'll blog!
--My weeks vacation starts in three hours and nineteen minutes, at five twenty nine you'll see a dust trail where my truck was parked, I am so ready to get away frrom this place for a week.
--My vacation won't consist of much rest and relaxation though. On Monday we'll go to big Sis' house and spend the day at Hurricane Harbor, then catch a flight for vegas at 7:30 the next morning. Fly back in Thursday night and round out the week camping with my wife's family up in Oklahoma. I think I will soon find out how it feels to "need a vacation from your vacation".
--On top of everything else, hopefully we'll be moving into our new house by the end of July, just keep your finger crossed. If not I'm going to have to find a place to live for a few days, 'cause I refuse to pay a months rent for 5 days in a apartment. Maybe thats why I get called a cheap bastard from time to time.
--Joe Biden spoke in a ceremony in Iraq for U.S. troops that were becoming American citizens today. "We did it in Saddam's palace and I can think of nothing better. That S.O.B. is rolling over in his grave right now," huh, I didn't think the guy had it in him. For a split second there, I kinda liked the VP.
--Scare for my brother and sister-in-law this past week: my nine month old nephew contracted rare strep infection that caused a large absess(sp?) to grow on his neck, the doctors up in St. Louis had to do surgery to drain it. And on top of that the doctor at the Army hospital in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. gave him an overdose of pinicillen(sp?), the doctors in St. Louis said that if it had been any other drug, he probably would't have made it. Seriously? How could someone be that careless? But as you can see, he kept on truckin' .
--We'll be staying at the Bellagio and we already have tickets for "O", but does anyone else have any suggestions for a first anniversary Vegas trip?
--Me and Wendy went and picked up a few fireworks yesterday, nothing real big, just some roman candles and what-not. The guy behing the counter kept trying to sell me a $400 firework for $200. Why would I pay $200 bucks when I can just throw a match in a bucket of gas and get the same effect? I just wonder how much of a profit margin you could make running a fireworks stand; anyone?

I can't stop looking at this picture