Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Mumbles

--I've finally been given a five day work week again, I had forgotten how it felt to have Saturday AND Sunday off.
--The yellow lab had to go this last week, our yard was just way too small for him and he had started digging, and digging, and digging, you wouldn't believe the holes I had to fill in. I really hated to see him go, which is weird because I'm not an animal lover at all, but I know he will be happier out in the country. It's not like he was much of a guard dog anyway, Wendy was walking him through the Fair Oaks addition in Bridgeport and a shiatsu started barking at him, and what does he do? He cowers down and starts crying until the shiatsu leaves him alone, the big baby. I will miss him though, he was a pretty good dog considering.
--I posted a few months ago that brother's little boy was sick, well he got sick again and they finally found a birth defect in his neck, something that didn't close properly but I really don't know the details. He's going to be having a surgery in October to correct it, so please be in prayer for him, and my brother and his wife.
--I've said it once before and I'll say it again: Rahm Emanuel looks like a total Douche Bag.
--Is it douchebag or douche bag?
--I was completely hooked to Big Brother this season, I'm glad the game ended the way it did.
--Twitter is quite possible the most addicting thing ever. I've heard people say the same about Facebook, but I really can't get into it, way too complicated.
--I always feel weird in Lowe's when I have to pull the extra large utility cart, and I know one day I'm gonna hurt somebody with that thing
--Mosquitoes are INSANE this year, and I don't remember seeing the City of Bridgeport spraying once.
--I've probably used my sprinkler system 4 times since we have moved into our house, partly because we've had rain and partly because I'm just a tight wad.

Don't Let Me Down

I've never really been into video games, even when I was a little kid and all my friends would stay up all night playing Final Fantasy or MarioKart, but when they came out with The Beatles Rock Band I had to get it. I have Guitar Hero and thats pretty fun, but Rock Band is awesome, especially since its all Beatles tunes. I may suck at the game, but I have a blast with it. It has alot of hits and alot of songs you wouldn't expect to see, but I was kinda surprised at what you don't get to play, Where is "Yesterday", "All You Need is Love" and "Elenor Rigby"? Shouldn't these be staples for this game? Oh well, enough nerd talk and back to real life. Enjoy the viedo of me playing the game abaove.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cussin', Paintin', and Movin'

Ok, ok, ok, people stop the harassing phone calls and banging on my door at 4 a.m. I'll update my blog. I know you want more but I'm just one man! In all seriousness, I guess I've put this off way too long. It's been well over a month now so I guess it's time to rant about my closing-on-the-house-but-almost-didn't-close fiasco...
We show up at Wise Title company and meet our realtor, both of us are excited and nervous, as is expected when buying your first home.  Now, I try  to be a glass-half-full kinda guy all the time, but I just cannot stop thinking "This is going way too smooth, something is about to hit the fan." But I let my better judgment calm my nerves and we go ahead an commence with the paper signing. Everything is going great until we hit one little piece of paper from the appraisal district or company whatever its called, claiming that everything looks great except one little spot one the northwest corner of the house that will have to be repainted BEFORE they will allow the loan to go through. WOAH!
Now lets go back a few weeks when I had the home inspection performed. Nothing major, just a few little things here and there that are common with a house of this age, its actually in GREAT shape for this old of a house (early 70's, I believe). Anyway, he points this are on the northwest corner out to me and suggests that I paint it. OK, great that will be my first project as a homeowner, I'll just worry about that after closing. (By the way the inspector did an awesome job, I recommend Tim Martinets with Alpha Omega Home Inspection to anyone.) 
SO lets fast forward to the closing date, apparently after the inspection, when the house was appraised they saw the same patch of peeling paint that will have to be repaired and reinspected before closing can occur. The mortgage company's underwriters, however, simply looked over this little tidbit. Of course I offer to go get my painting clothes on and go fix it right now, and everyone agrees that would be just fine. After sending Wendy on a bat-out-of-Hell trip to Lowe's me and my nephew Corbin get to scraping, and that little northwest corner turns into the entire north side of the house as well. Now, I am by no means a professional painter, so it didn't look to grand, but it was white and not peeling any more, so I felt like a regular Bob Villa.
The mortgage company paid for the final inspection and got the guy out there ASAP the next morning, so I was still a happy customer, even though I got to move in a day late. It was hectic, but it was all worth it, we've been here a little over a month and still love it.