Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve Thoughts

--I don't know why I'm up at 12:30 right now, I worked late yesterday and went in super early this morning to wrap up end of month paperwork before we met the masses. Speaking of end of month paperwork, what a load of crap! I hate doing stacks of redundant reports that corporate can print themselves with the push of a button, but oh well, thats why they sign my check.
--The new Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton is quite possibly the most hilarious movie ever. But I must be a big Billy Bob fan, cause Bad Santa is a very close second. But sometimes that guy is just weird.
--You wouldn't believe the number of people who asked us if we were open for Thanksgiving. WTF?
--Good deals be damned, there is no possible chance that you could get me into Wal-Mart or any other big store on Friday.
--I actually had a guy today griping about gas prices dropping so drastically. Seriously.
--Everybody have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photo of said traffic carnage.

Wednesday Night Thoughts

--I'm still fighthing this "anti-blogging" mood I've been in here laely, it's been winning the past few days.
--Today was a really weird day. I took half the day off, that never happens, and it just completely screwed me up. Now I;m not saying I didn't enjoy it, it just felt weird not be enslaved by work.
--I really want to go see "Role Models". Probably just because it has Stifler in it.
--I went to Hulen Mall to get birthday/Christmas presents for my wife today, I'm glad I picked a weekday to do that. Traffic was horrible in Fort Worth driving home, it was only four o'clock, I don't get that.
--It seems like every one of my wife's friends is pregnant....
--I bought Madden '09 this weekend. Greatness.
--Is it wierd that we already have our Christmas tree up and decorated?
--I don't see how any guy could buy something in Victoria's Secret except a gift card. I always wonder if those women in there know I'm a husband buying a gift card, or just a sicko. I thnik I'll just buy it online next time.
--I caught myself running my hand on the rail of the escalator and balcony today. Immediately followed buy a purchase of hand sanitizer.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Night Frustrations

--Another boring day at work. However, I did get the chance to spend a super-exciting 2 hours on the phone with Certegy Check Protetcion Customer Service. Yeah!
--I am in the processing of having to restore my iPhone to the original factory settings cause I locked myself out of it. I'd throw it across the room but I wouldn't want to break anything in here.
--The people that I have had to deal with from PPG Industries have always been extremely friendly, always.
--We've finally had someone move into the apartment above us. Ugh, I've been spoiled.
--So I just finished my iPhone restore, aaaand no dice. Its still locked up. Great
--So, I'm off to Apple support. Good night everyone.

Taco Mayo Sucks

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Nighter

--Not alot going on today to blog about. With the election over I don't pay attention to the news that much anymore, and that feels really good. I just hated seeing bad news all the time, and sure its still there, but I'm not looking at it all day trying to see who is ahead in the daily tracking poll or whatever they call that crap.
--I couldn't help but think how special this Veteran's Day would have been for John McCain if he was our President-Elect.
--The crack in my windshield is growing. Luckily its on the passenger side so I can put it off just that much longer.
--I had to go to Jacksboro this morning, it actually turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant trip.
--I hope I've hinted to my wife enough for a new, higher capacity iPod for Christmas, mine is down to 4MB memory on a 8GB model.
--About the only use I see for a Bluetooth headset is when your driving. Otherwise it just looks goofy walking around with that thing hanging out of your ear making everyone around you think you are talking to them.
--Speaking of, where in the does the term "Bluetooth" come from anyway?
--I just yesterday noticed the "Compose" tab at the top of this blogger-typing-dialog-box-thingy, I had been doing everything in HTML up until now.
--I've been getting up earlier here lately for some reason, maybe because the sun is coming up earlier, I'm not sure.
--I was prank called at work yesterday morning. I would have thought it was hilarious, had I not been in a horrible mood at the time. Looking back, I probably should have just lightened up.
--I don't think I would like a job where I sit at a desk all day long.
--I'm outta here.

For your viewing pleasure.

SNL Cowbell - video powered by Metacafe

ANd to answer questions on my profile image. And cause its just awesome.

I don't mean to be rude...

But this is

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Night-ings

--I used this picture in an old post last spring, but it still cuts straight to the heart.
--I've been in a very anti-blogging mood the past few days, I guess with the election over I don;t have much to rant about anymore.
--I find the political arguments that explode on the comments over at Liberally Lean hilarious.
--There was a mini-van driving behind me on I-35 the other night NO lights on at all, at about nine o'clock! I Wonder what happened after I called the cops.
--Thank you to all our veterans!
--I am of the opinion that military service should be a requirement for the President, I mean come on, the guy is the Commander in Chief.
--I'm noticicng more and more people jumping onto Obama bandwagon since the election. Man, that guy is gonna fall hard when the media hits him on his first little screw up.
--I don't like Obama at all, but it still bothers me when people actually hope that he is assassinated.
--I'm thinking about ditching my iPhone, any suggestions on a BlackBerry or something similar?
--I was really disappointed by the smug attitudes of most liberals after the election. But I can't say that I am surprised either.
--Be sure to tell JARHEAD thank you for his service!
--Twitter can be alot of fun when I remember I have it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Two Cents

Now that the anger and disappointment from the [expected] Obama win has started to somewhat dissipate, I guess there is nothing else to do but get over, the man is our new President. I may not agree with his policies or morals, but he is our Commander in Chief none-the-less. I have to admit that I do feel a twinge of pride for living in a country that has just broken through a racial barrier, but that is about the only good that I see from the Obama Presidency. But, oh well, like Barry said the sun did rise on November 5th and we are all still Americans, now the only thing to do is attempt to heal the staggering rift that this election has torn through this country. I believe we are as divided right now as we have ever been, and to think just seven years ago we were as united as we had ever been, it should NOT take another terrorist attack for to unite one more. As conservatives, we should accept a setback for our party but use this time to strengthen the bond across the aisles. And Democrats should not abuse their majority to plague the country with their agenda, but to use it to strengthen the country as a whole. But what will actually happen remains to be seen, all I know is that America needs God now more than ever, and I pray we turn our eyes to him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

And Here We Go.

Finally in a few hours we'll stop seeing the campaign commercials, daily tracking polls and promises of a better America, and look forward to the inauguration of our new Commander in Chief. While I am in no way, shape, or form an Obama supporter, I have got to admit that I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of these guys. To Senator Obama for becoming the first African American to come this far in a U.S. Presidential race. And to Senator McCain for a LIFETIME of service to his country. I am praying for a John McCain victory tomorrow simply because I believe he is the more Godly candidate that will lead this country in a direction of honor and morality. I am also willing to accept the fact that if it is God's will for Obama to be the President of the United States, then so be it. But I implore you if you are still undecided to look at the FACTS, not the superficial exterior of a "superstar". Look at the heart of these two men, look at their record of service to their country, or the lack thereof. Our country has reached a point in her history where we can make the decision to jump on the popular bandwagon, or do what is clearly right for this country. Whichever way you decide to vote, be sure you have this country's best interest at heart, not your race's best interest, not your party's best interest, but our country's best interest. No matter what faith you have, be sure to pray for our country, John McCain and Barack Obama tonight. We all could use a little more prayer.

I gotta sneak this one in at the last moment...

I knoe I've posted this picture before, but I like the twist on this one.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts

--This is my newest nephew and my brother's first child, I just had to share this one of Blaine.
--In case I have any new readers, I'm a born-again, evangelical Christian, "right-wing religious nut job", and proud of it. Nice to meet you.
--I had a pretty fun weekend starting off with a little Halloween get together at my sisters house, it was good to catch up with my sister, it seems like I haven't talked to her in months.
--Last night we had the same sister's birthday party at a place in Fort Worth off of University called The Blue Mesa Grill. Not too bad, not bad at all.
--I could not believe the number of kids out trick or treating in Bridgeport, I don't remember there being that many when I was a kid.
--I agree with Jarhead when he said "Barack Obama spells the end of morality in this country."
--Every time I take a nap during the day, I wake up with a headache.
--You just can't beat Sunday dinner at Grandma's house.
--Breaking 8 foot fluorescent light bulbs is one of the funnest things to do. Ever.
--Will there ever be another non-biased news agency?